Monitoring Visit ICM project – UT

Location: University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

Date: 26 September 2019


On 26 September the Erasmus+ office concluded the monitoring of KA1 projects in University of Tirana. KA1( study mobility) includes student, teacher and administrative staff exchange, represents around 63% of the total budget of the Erasmus+ programme. ?Until September 2019, University of Tirana has 79 active inter–institutional successful collaborations and much more are expected by 2020. The mobility calls are posted on the university’s website.

Further information about KA1 is provided in the Erasmus+ web page /?page_id=1110

Further information about the open calls and application is provided o the university’s webpage

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HERE Study Visit: ‘Competence Based Education (CBE): Basics, Perspectives, Implementation’ 9-10 September 2019 in Vienna

Date: 9-10 September 2019

Venue: FH Campus Wien, Vienna, Austria

Organize: FH Campus Wien and SPHERE


HERE Study Visit: ‘Competence Based Education (CBE): Basics, Perspectives was organized by FH Campus Wien and SPHERE, on 9-10 September 2019. The event has given to the participants insight into institutional practice on CBL, specifically in an Austrian HEI with an applied nature. In addition to looking at the specific teaching mission and strategy of FH Campus Wien, the visit allowed participants to hear from professors of different disciplines, from students and also, potentially, to glimpse into a classroom. The visit also explored issues regarding the interaction of the higher education institution, the higher education system and external stakeholders when it comes to CBL. Albanian HERE was represented by two experts: A. Paparisto and E. Fetahu


In the framework of this Study Visit HERE Albania has published the article as below link:

M?simi bazuar n? kompetenca dhe aft?si. Nj? prespektiv? dometh?n?se p?r nevojat e tregut dhe marr?dh?nien biznes-universitet. ? Business Magazine Albania – Media Dixhitale dedikuar Sip?rmarrjes

More information available at:?


Field Monitoring Visit ICM – UAMD

Location: “Aleksand?r Moisiu” University, Durr?s

Date: 9 September 2019

On September 9 NEO Albania completed a Field Monitoring Visit at the University “Aleksand?r Moisiu” (UAMD), on International Credit Mobility (ICM) Project, founded by Erasmus+ program. During 2017-2019 time period, UAMD established other Universities in countries part of the program, 17 partnership agreements, more than 30 student mobility and 100 teaching and training mobility. Erasmus+ enables Albanian higher education students and staff to study, gain work experience, teach or train abroad.

Further information is provided in the university’s web page

Further information about Erasmus+ ICM programme web page /?page_id=1110



Field Monitoring Visit of CBHE Project diMTV – UAMD

Project title: Development and Implementation of Multimedia and Digital TV Curriculum

Location: “Aleksand?r Moisiu” University, Durr?s

Date: 9 September 2019

On September 9, at “Aleksand?r Moisiu” University, was held the Field Monitoring Visit of the diMTV (Development and Implementation of Multimedia and Digital TV Curricula) project co-founded by EU- Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. The project is carried out in Albania and Kosovo and offers a professional master curriculum in MDTV with specialized direction in Production and Post- Production, 3D Animation and image Processing. During the implementation of the project two new laboratories for MDTV students, were build and 17 master’s students have enrolled during the first academic year. The project has 8 partners, 3 Albanian partners which are Aleksand?r Moisiu University, Epoka University and Albanian Radio-Television and 5 European and regional partners. Project coordinator is “Aleksand?r Moisiu” University of Durr?s.

For further project information:

For further programme information /?page_id=1114

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