Erasmus Days in Albania

Date: 28th October 2020

Organized by: National Erasmus+ Office in Albania

No study of this nature has been so far conducted to monitor the celebration of the ErasmusDays in Albania but according to the Albanian HEIs this is a year where acknowledgment of the promotion of the Erasmus+ opportunities has reached the highest awareness. The #ErasmusDays is bottom up, organizing events by and for their target group is essential.

?In this light info sessions, exhibitions, seminars, open days, partner networking, fairs are organized to promote the achievements on Erasmus + programme, to gather stakeholders to build networking, to spread the word for the real impact of Erasmus+ projects in Albanian academia and society.

24 activities are registered on the official website of, 4 others aren’t registered and from different actors’ promotion # Erasmus Days on the social media are organized during 15-17 October

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#ErasmusDays? 2020 | Interview with Erida Curraj_UAMD

Date: 20th October 2020

Venue: University “Aleksand?r Moisiu” Durr?s

Organized by: University “Aleksand?r Moisiu” Durr?s

Erasmus + Days were celebrated on October 15-17, 2020. These are days dedicated to the Erasmus + programme. ErasmusDays is an initiative of the French National Agency during the 30th Anniversary of Erasmus +. This is the fourth edition of ErasmusDays, in its accession, the University “Aleksand?r Moisiu” of Durr?s interviewed Mrs. Erida Curraj, Program Officer, Erasmus + National Office in Albania. The interview was conducted by Renata Legisi, alumni of the student exchange component, who has been the beneficiary of a full scholarship for one semester at the University of Zadar, Croatia.

The interview took place in the Laboratory built by the DIMTV project, a project supported by the Erasmus + programme, CBHE.

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Reach Europe with Erasmus_ Professional College of Tirana

Date: 17th October 2020

Venue: Professional College of Tirana

Organized by: Professional College of Tirana

On October 17, was organized the activity “Reach Europe with Erasmus by the Professional College of Tirana.

PCT, on the occasion of #ErasmusDays 2020, hosted a workshop for academics and students to share the European values, to promote the Erasmus+ program, the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme and its future development. This workshop was also served to present the upcoming Erasmus+ projects where KPT is now part, two CBHE projects as a partner, and one Jean Monnet Module.

The activity was greeted by Rector of the College and the Coordinator of the NEO Albania, Ada Ramaj. She congratulated the achievements of this HEIs and for the successful results on the CBHE and Jean Monnet programme.

During this activity visit on site at the premises was conducted and the professional labs were introduced.

This is the first time the KPT is winner of Erasmus+ programme, hence this is the second time they do organize Erasmus Days. Erasmus Days 2019, KPT in support with the NEO Albania and ESN in Albania organized an info session for the academic and students and encourage them to apply on Erasmus+ programme and the results are to be applauded. Ms Erida Curraj, NEO Albania introduced the possibilities and the opportunities that HEIs in Albania have.

More info:

Due to the Corvid 19 strict measures, the event gathered 25 academics and students from other higher education institutions, partners of KPT.

More information you may found:

More are shared on the social media and a video on this activity is forthcoming.

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“Erasmus experience in the eyes of students”_UT

Date: 16th October 2020

Venue:? Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana

Organized by: Jean Monnet at the FHP, UT

On the occasion of Erasmus Days, on October 16, the Faculty of History and Philology held an open meeting “Erasmus experiences in the eyes of students”, with the participation of Prof. Valentina Duka – Head of the Department of History, Mrs. Ada Ramaj – Head of Erasmus + Albania Office, Dr. Elsa Sk?nderi Rakipllari – Deputy. Dean of FHF, Dr. Andi Pinari – Deputy Dean FHF, etc.

Prof. Valentina Duka welcomed the initiative and presented a brief history of Erasmus + exchanges over the years and their value. Dr. Elsa Sk?nderi Rakipllari, Deputy Dean of FHF for mobility and research, expressed the support of the faculty for students, who become part of the Erasmus experience. Mrs. Ada Ramaj presented the innovations of EU-supported exchange programs and the growing opportunities they present for Albanian students.

Dr. Meljana Bregu, coordinator of the Jean Monnet module 2018 – 2021 “Albanian society towards full integration into the European family” illustrated for the attendees the achievements and challenges of this project so far. Dr. Juliana Marko, coordinator of the module 2020 – 2023 “EU Integration Process and the promotion of Human Rights in Albania” presented the objectives and structure of the new project.

Students of International Relations, History and Teaching, included in these modules, told about their approach to European studies as a result of their involvement in Jean Monnet – FHF and their plans for the future. Some students returning from the Erasmus + exchange experience describe to their colleagues the path followed for successful applications and the academic and life enrichment that study brings to European universities. The other students present expressed their interest and received further information to also be part of the Erasmus + generations.

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ErasmusDays_ University of New York in Tirana

Date: 16th October 2020

Venue: University of New York in Tirana

Organized by: University of New York in Tirana

During the ErasmusDays at the University of New York in Tirana has been organized different activities, meeting with the Erasmus Alumni, introduction of the Erasmus+ Project and the workshop with students and staff. ?The workshop “ErasmusDays in UNYT”, was held on16 October 2020, on the auditor at UNYT. It was shared on Livestream on FB page, at the UNYT.

The open speech was conducted by the Rector of the University of New York Tirana, Prof.Dr. Ismail Kocayusufoglu, and Ms. Erida Curraj, Program Officer of the Erasmus+ Albania Office. She greeted the institution and encourage staff and IRO to increase the number of the bilateral agreements and emphasized the importance and benefits of an Erasmus mobility and the CBHE projects.

Denard Veshi Ph.D., Chair of the Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence at the University of New York Tirana, and the Coordinator of the International Relations Office, Ms. Xhoi Rami introduce to the audience the best practices on the exchange programme framework

To know more about the UNYT:?

More detail on the ErasmusDays: /wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ErasmusDays_NEOAlbania.pdf

More info on the ErasmusDays:

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ErasmusDays_ European University of Tirana

Date: 15th/16th October 2020

Venue: European University of Tirana

Organized by European University of Tirana

A series of events organized by European University of Tirana (EUT) ranging from conferences and exhibitions, open days, seminar, info sessions:

  1. October 15th, Kick off activity “Internationalization in the era of COVID 19: Challenges & Lessons” attended 25 participants from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, NEO Albania, academic staff and administrative staff part of the Internalization Process.
  2. October 15th, “Open House Days. Interdisciplinary Junior Researcher” – Scientific Conference for the Master Students under the SMARTL AL, CBHE projects. attended 30 participants, students, academic staff and private sector stakeholders. “The importance of Information Technology Governance for Albanian Universities: Lessons learned & Recommendations. Attended different stakeholders and universities total 14 participants.
  3. “Be UET, Be International” Info Day for students attended 26 participants
  4. Valeu-X @ Erasmus Days 2020 (online meeting 20 participants).
  5. Erasmus + Fair @ UET, organized during 15-16 October

During the activity on 15 October, ms Ramaj, the Coordinator, NEO Albania+, enhance the involvement of the UET on the CBHE programme. Representative from the MESY introduce their good will to support the institutions as a reliable partner on the CBHE projects. More than 40 attendees, staff, partners of the CBHE projects, students shared their experience, challenges and achievements.

Ms Erida Curraj, NEO Albania was invited on 16 October, at the info session. “Be UET, Be International” Info Day for students attended 26 participants. Ms Curraj introduced the possibilities that students have on the Erasmus+ programme and encourage students to apply at their institution for the exchange programme. Witnesses from students and staff were shared on the second part of the activity, and?? introduced CBHE projects that already offer the possibility of exchange students

?More info on Erasmus Days:

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Student Guide on How to Apply on Exchange students ?

Date: 16th October 2020



On October 16, the students of University of Vlora launched an informative video on “How to apply for exchange mobility?”, on behalf of Erasmus Days 2020.

This video has all the necessary information for everyone that want to apply for an exchange mobility with Erasmus + program.

Watch this video and learn how to apply and what do you need to apply.

Joint Master Erasmus Mundus_InfoAlbania_ A2CNN

Date: 16th October 2020

Venue: TV Channel A2 CNN

ErasmusDays 2020 are celebrated all over in Europe and all over the world on 15 – 16 – 17 October 2020. On 16 October, Klaudja Ko?i , student of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master was invited in the morning show? in A2 CNN to share her experience? on this program, how she applied and how this program expanded her potential for a successful future.

The applications are opened for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master, since October 2020, check the catalogues of the EMJMM.

To know more about the Erasmusdays:

Full report on ErasmusDays in Albania:



Erasmus+ Programme in Albania

Date: 16th October

Venue: Europe House & Live stream on EU in Albania FB

Organized by: EU Delegation in Albania and NEO Albania

Albania National Erasmus office in Albania in collaboration with the European Delegation in Albania held the “Info session on Erasmus+ Programme in Albania”. The activity brought together best practice’s testimonies from different High Education Institutions from the CBHE, ICM and Jean Monnet programme.

?Albanian HEIs during 2014-2020 are granted 55 CBHE projects, signed more than 800 Bilateral interinstitutional agreements, more than 8000 students and staff have been travelling to Albania/Europe and 16 Jean Monnet Module, Chair, and Networking. Many new curricula’s, Master programmes, PhD programmes are designed and developed under the Erasmus+ programme, over 300 labs are built under the CBHE programme and many stakeholders are working together for the same aim to increase the capacities in HE.

Due to the Covid19 strict measurements, to reach better the mass audience, the activity was designed to be Livestream on FB account European Union in Albania. In 20 minutes, Q&A session the audience could have the possibility to have their answer online.

6 testimonies from different institutions attended in this activity, but more have sent their video testimonies to be share in NEO Albania Social Media. The reached audience during the livestream was average 500 account

The programme:

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The Activity was honored by Andrea Vera – Head of Section – Sustainable Economic and Social Development – Delegation of the European Union to Albania. “Increasing the capacity of the HEIs is the strategy of the EU and their support is enormous in Albania.” Said Mr.Vera

? Ada Ramaj, Coordinator of the National Erasmus + Office highlighted the successes that Higher Education Institutions in Albania have achieved in the Erasmus + program, for the seriousness of the implementation of tasks for each project and highlighted the newness of the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program.

Representatives from the program “Capacity Building in Higher Education”, Ketrina Cabiri, e-VIVA project from UET, Eva Cipi, TEAVET project from UV, Albana Halili project DIMTV from UAMD, said ?that their projects funded by Erasmus +, have impact not only in academia, capacity building for staff and students, but also in the construction of laboratories and relationships with other sectors such as civil and business.

The most popular program among students is “Student Exchange and Staff”, An instructional video on how to apply in this program was created by UV was launched for the first time in this activity. Link

Rezarta Sinanaliaj from UV together with Eda Cela from the EU emphasized that students during student exchanges are the ambassadors of Albania, although COVID 19 influenced the freezing of mobility this will be immediately restored in the new academic year.

??? Jean Monnet is the third program where higher education institutions in Albania can apply and success cases in Albania are numerous. Denard Veshi from UNYT, winner of several JMs like Jean Monnet Module / JM Chair and JM Network shows how curricula are built and moderated by Erasmus + support.

?????????????????????? Erida Curraj, ECO + Program Officer, emphasized the importance of inclusion in the Erasmus + program. Higher education institutions that have not yet applied to the Erasmus + program should not miss this opportunity. Capacity building in Higher Education under the Erasmus + project is even more evident each year.

The meeting was broadcast live on FB European Delegation Union.

or you tube

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Joint Master Erasmus Mundus_InfoAlbania_ TVSH

Date: 16th October 2020

Venue: TV Channel TVSH

On the frame of the ErasmusDays celebration, on October 16, 2020 , were invited at “Good Morning Albania”, TVSH National Channel, former student of the European University of Tirana, Irisa Veizaj and Elton Basha, Director of the Office of Foreign Relations at the Faculty of Biotechnology at the Agricultural University of Tirana.

Student Irisa, shared her student exchange’s experience on Erasmus+ programme in Spain. She introduced how she applied and how much fascinating her experience in Spain was. Mr. Basha explained the criteria and application procedures of Albanian Universities during the construction of bilateral agreements.

He introduced the TVSH’s audience what the Erasmusdays celebration are and why we do celebrate it.

Find the full interview:

To know more about the Erasmusdays:

The full report on ErasmusDays in Albania: