Student debate on the future of student’s exchange with Erasmus +.

Date: 19th November 2020

Venue: Online Meeting-Zoom platform

Organized by: SCiDEV ?and ESN Tirana

On 19th November 2020 was held the event “Student debate on the future of student’s exchange with Erasmus +”. The activity was organized by two organizations: SCiDEV and ESN Tirana and motivated by National Erasmus + Office (NEO). It was an online event shared on live stream on the facebook page of SCiDEV.


The debate was moderated by Lutjona Lula, Erasmus Student Network of Albania, with the brilliant participants of 8 students divided in two groups: pro digital mobility and against digital mobility. 8 Students showed an high European standard of discussion, argumentation, ethics and professionalism.

Judges of this debate were: Klodian Seferaj ,Open Society Foundation for Albania , Kreshnik Loka, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and Erida Curraj National Erasmus + office (NEO).

We encourage all students to be part of student mobility as this is definitely going to be a really important experience on their CV.

Erasmus+ Opening Minds, Changing Lifes

More info about SCiDEV:

More infor about ESN Albania @esntirana

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Students Debate on the Future of Erasmus+ Mobility

Join Us!

When ? ?on 19 November 2020, 15:00,

Where ? Livestream at SCiDEV FB

The activity “Students Debate on the Future of Erasmus+ Mobility”, is organized by SCiDEV and ESN Tirana motivated by NEO Albania.

The discuss will be focus on the topic “Digital mobility of the future of Erasmus+ Exchange Programmes”.

There will be held a professional debate separated on two groups, each of them made of four members, bringing e European standard of discussion and ethics.


ALMARS Project Monitoring Visit_11 Nov 2020

Date: 11th November 2020

Venue:? Vlora University “Ismail Qemali”

Organized By: NEO Albania and UV


On 11th November was held at University of Vlora the monitoring event of ALMARS project, “Capacity building for Blue Growth and curriculum development of Marine Fishery in Albania”. The project is supported by Erasmus + “Capacity Building for Higher Education” programme.

The consortium is made of 10 partners, with the Albanina participation and partnership of: ?Agricultural University of Tirana, University “Aleksand?r Moisiu” Durr?s, Vlora University “Ismail Qemali”, Ministry of Agriculture and two business actors: Alb-Adriatico 2013 and Toplini Comp.

A project consortium with partners from Albania and Croatia intends to improve the skills of fishermen by developing a master’s degree in marine fisheries and by upgrading vocational training to provide Albanian fishermen with internationally recognized skills.

Main objectives:

  • Development of a new professional master’s degree in marine Fishery.
  • Increased cooperation between actors of Blue Growth, through development of networking platforms.
  • Maintain marine fishery training centers that offer professional training for marines that operate in fishing ships.

Project ALMARS is in its second year of implementation; you can find the report on “Analysis of the current status of marine fishery in Albania” on their website

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TEAVET Project Final Conference_Nov 2020

Date: 10th & 11th of November 2020

Venue:? University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”

Organized by: TEAVET partners of University of Vlora & College Pavaresia Vlor?

On 10th and 1th of November 2020, was organized the final Conference of the TEAVET project at University of Vlora and College Pavaresia Vlor? . TEAVET “Developing Teacher Competencies for a Comprehensive VET System in Albania” project is supported by Erasmus+ “Capacity Building Higher Education” programme.? Its consortiums is made of 12 partners, and 9 of them are Albanian institutions as:

  1. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Albania
  2. Sports University of Tirana, Albania
  3. University of Durres Aleksander Moisiu, Albania
  4. University of Elbasan Aleksander Xhuvani, Albania
  5. University of Gjirokastra Eqrem Cabej, Albania
  6. University of Kor?a Fan. S. Noli, Albania
  7. University of Shkodra Luigj Gurakuqi, Albania
  8. University of Vlora Ismail Qemali
  9. University College Pavaresia Vlor?, Albania (Co-coordinator)

The aim of the project is accomplished within 3 years of the project lifespan, TEAVET project is nominated as the best practice for its impact on the academia and collaboration with the MESY and its Quality Control on Education departments.

?Coordinator of the NEO Albania, Ada Ramaj greeted the activity and highlighted the importance of TEAVET project some of its benefits are: building 16 training courses with 2 credits each, developing digital structures by support of Erasmus+ equipment’s are bough in each HE institution and establishing specialized centers of teacher training.

The activity was a blended methodology, due to COVID 19 restrictions it was organized online and in auditors, in parallel rooms. More than 200 articles were submitted, and the final booklet will be published on SBN.

Find more for TEAVET project:

Find more about the TEAVET final conference:

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Visit Monitoring_ KnowHub Project_10 Nov 2020

Date: 10th November 2020

Place: University “Ismail Qemali” Vlor?

Organized by: NEO Albania and Vlora University

NEO Albania organized a field monitoring visit of the KnowHub Project “Reconnecting universities and enterprises to unleash regional innovation and entrepreneurial activity.” ?on 10th November at University of Vlora. Knowhub project, supported by Erasmus+ programme on “Capacity Building for Higher Education” (CBHE) program. It is a partnership of 11 partners, and the Abanian HEIs are: University “Ismail Qemali” Vlor? and Europian University of Tirana.

The KnowHub project has been designed to respond most adequately to the specific needs and problems in the partner countries which are Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. Commercialization Hubs will be developed at all participating universities not as research centers, but as interfaces between higher education institutions and enterprises and society.?


More information you can find at:

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Info Session on Erasmus+_Vlora Youth

Date: 10th November 2020

Place: Regional Youth Center of Vlora ,Vlor?, Albania

Organized by: National Erasmus+ Office in Albania

On Tuesday, 10th November was held the “Info Session on Opportunities that Erasmus+ offer for the Albanian Students and youth” at the Regional Youth Center of Vlora . This activity was organized by Albanian NEO with the support of University of Vlora and Regional Youth Centre of Vlora.

Students from the University of Vlora and youth member/or not of the Regional Youth Center were invited at this activity. Three students Marina Xhaho, ex Erasmus+ Student from Agriculture University of Tirana, Andi Toshkallari, Erasmus+Student from Vlora University and Kristjana Lushnjari, Erasmus+ Student from Vlora University, share their experience how much Erasmus+ change their mindset and open new doors for new possibilities and job opportunities. Student Marina Xhaho, although was one of the best students at Master degree she decided to go back in her home town “ I feel as a Vlora’s citizen the responsibility to make this city better, Erasmus+ learnt me a lot and I want to share it with fellows Vlora ”


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BlueWBC Project Monitoring Visit_10 Nov 2020

Date: 10th of November 2020

Venue: ?Monitoring of BlueWBC project

Organized by: NEO Albania and UV

On 10th November was held the field monitoring visit of BlueWBC project, “Sustainable development of BLUE economies through higher education and innovation in Western Balkan Countries” supported by Erasmus+ Programme “Capacity Building for Higher Education” (CBHE).? Is has a consortium made of 9 partners, three of them are Albanian institutions as: University of “Ismail Qemali” Vlor?, University of Tirana and General Maritime Directorate.

Main objectives of this project:

  • Development of capacities in higher education institutions (IAL) aiming the integration of the concept “blue economy” in Albania and in Montenegro.
  • Maintain human resources capable of blue economy and related fields.
  • Maintain a supportive environment through cooperation between higher education institutions and public authorities.
  • Empowering the reputation of higher education institutions of Albania in regional and international environment I&E.

For more information:

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Survey on the Impact of Social Media _AlbaniaErasmus+

National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) in Albania aims to be as near as possible to youth, students, organization and institutions of higher education in Albania that want to apply in one of Erasmus+ program of higher education.

For this reason, we have created a 2nd survey since we aim to understand how helpful our social media’s post and rubrics are for you and which pf them you are interested on.

Please fill the survey in the link below and let us know what we need to improve:

Thank you for your support.